Shooting portraits with classic white background

A white background is the classic uncluttered method to creating a portrait .
Presenting a strong and straightforward portrait with no distractions.

They are a must if you plan on "floating" them on a website's white page for instance.

The light falling on the subject will result in a gray background.
The background needs it's own lighting.
It's important to know that lighting the background with enough light to make it photograph a true white is key. 

Here I used two lights pointed at the background, one left and one right.
The background was about 7 feet behind the subject.

Lighting the subject is a 3x4 foot soft box at camera left and a 2x3 foot soft box 
at camera right at about 8 feet high.

When I arrive at a location for a corporate shoot of this kind I always allow for at least an hour of setup and testing time.

Shooting professionally requires planning and preparation in order to carry off a flawless result.