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Corporate photo shoot - Choosing the right spot

When shooting people in their offices often cubicles and narrow hallways make up a lot of what is available but most of the time a conference room or lobby is where I will set up a shoot.

Recently while doing a group shot of three executives I had the use of their newly remodeled lobby which included a wall of LED lighting. The color of the lighting is adjustable from behind the reception desk.

I decided to gel the background a hue of blue and adjusted the LED's in the foreground to a warm hue. My main light was a moonlight raised approx. 10' bounced off the ceiling. I shot with a Nikon D3 and a Nikon 85mm 1.4 @ f 6.3

New gear for location shooting

Recently I picked up a new piece of gear that I really enjoy using !
It's the Paul C. Buff Vagabond Mini.  It's  a lithium rechargable battery pack.
It will power up to 4 monolights !  I find myself using it even when AC jacks are available so that
I can avoid running an extension cord, but it's a real godsend when shooting in remote areas
of an industrial site for instance.  The best part is the low price, only $240 !

Executive candid portrait

I shot some executives today. Always a nice challenge. Real busy folks with little time for photographers. I set up in a conference room and got to work.
For this shot we wanted an candid look, I had one of my subjects friends stand behind me to my left
to enguage him.                  

                                                          click to view larger image

Photoshop focus stacking - SLR Lounge

My friends at SLR Lounge have a great article on using Photoshop to blend focus from near to far.
See it here :

Industrial photo shoot - Trucker

Here is a photo I shot for a company recently , Valicor. They transport industrial waste and recycle it
preventing environmental damage from being done.

I shot the truck driver in a nearby warehouse and combined him with the tanker trucks.

I used Topaz Details to refine the look.