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Cancer fighter for critters

A high end vet clinic, CareCenter hired me to photograph their new laser radiation machine for treating cancer in dogs and cats. This tech has only been in service for humans for a short time.
I'm told that in the past it has taken years for tech to make its way to vet clinics from human use.
It has the ability to pinpoint the treatment to a small area on the subject reducing the side effects.

Nikon D800 , Nikon 24-85mm   2 monolights, one with 24"soft box camera rt, one bounced to ceiling camera left.

Executive Portraits

I'm shooting portraits for a law firm over the next few weeks. Most law firms just ask for me to use a canvas backdrop. This law firm allowed me to use spaces in their offices as the backdrop. Using the environment is so much more creative and interesting. I have 80 attorneys to photograph and I plan on shooting in 4 to 6 different areas of their offices so that there is more variety.

I shot with a Nikon D800 equipped with a Nikon 85mm 1.8. I shot at f 5 to keep the background out of focus. The photo with the window in the background was backlit with  a mono light equipped with a 30 degree grid and amber gel.