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My new love - The Fuji X- E2

I’m real excited about my latest camera !  I decided to add a Fuji X-E2 mirror less camera to my  equipment used on all of my photo shoots. My Nikon dslr’s will continue to be my main cameras and the X-E2 will serve as a backup as well as a go to camera for situations in some industrial areas where it’s small size will be an advantage.
With it’s retro style, it looks like a film camera from the 60’s. It is a state of the art digital device with the latest sensor and a complete line of interchangeable lenses.

In the weeks ahead I’ll post some shots from it here. I plan on keeping it around my neck for personal work on a daily basis ! Yes, it’s that likable !

Luxottica Photo Shoot

Recently I spent a week providing my lighting services for a Denver Ad Agency. Jonathan Galbreath, Creative Director for The Arland Group was here in Cincinnati to do a shoot for their client Luxottica. 
Through a web search, he found me. Our collaboration worked out very well ! Jonathan's vision and repor with the subjects and my constant tweaking with the lighting led to a terrific result.
Here are a few of the many scenarios that we shot that week.

Cruisers Cafe 66

On my way to shoot at the Grand Canyon a couple of weeks ago we stopped in Williams,Arizona.
This is where you will find Cruisers Cafe 66 on Route 66 .
They feature BBQ and house brew, a rock band plays on the paito.
I highly recommend a stop if you are in the area !

Arizona !

I just came back from a vacation to Arizona.
We spent time in Sedona and the Grand Canyon.
It's difficult to shoot a bad photo in either location!
I posted some of my favorites to a new site that is limited to personal work.
A 16x24 print in a 20x28 rustic wood frame can be had for $300.
The site is @
On this shoot I shot with the Nikon D800 using 24-85 and  70-300 Nikon lenses.
We hope to relocate to Arizona in the near future, Prescott is the front runner !

My site review by Mark Wallace

Mark Wallace is a commercial fashion photographer based out of Phoenix, AZ who teaches workshops across the country. He is creator and host of the web-based video series “Digital Photography One on One” and “How’d They Do That?” sponsored by AdoramaTV.

Recently he did a You Tube portfolio review of photographer websites and I am pleased to say he included mine !
Here is the link , (my review begins at the 1 hr. 23 sec. mark)

Shooting portraits with classic white background

A white background is the classic uncluttered method to creating a portrait . Presenting a strong and straightforward portrait with no distractions.
They are a must if you plan on "floating" them on a website's white page for instance.
The light falling on the subject will result in a gray background. The background needs it's own lighting. It's important to know that lighting the background with enough light to make it photograph a true white is key. 
Here I used two lights pointed at the background, one left and one right. The background was about 7 feet behind the subject.
Lighting the subject is a 3x4 foot soft box at camera left and a 2x3 foot soft box  at camera right at about 8 feet high.
When I arrive at a location for a corporate shoot of this kind I always allow for at least an hour of setup and testing time.
Shooting professionally requires planning and preparation in order to carry off a flawless result.

Industrial photography - Nice Helicopter Shot ?

As an industrial photographer you never know what kind of an assignment may come next.

I was hired to shoot power plant smoke stacks by the company the constructs them, Pullman Power.
These big guys go up at a rate of 25 feet per day. A wooden platform supports the crew and all their gear. I spent a day on the platform shooting the workers and their progress.
This stack is about 800 feet high and I didn't shoot it from a helicopter ….. I shot it from a completed stack standing next to it. I ascended to the top along with the job foreman in a metal cage by a one inch wide cable. Oh yes, it was 95 degrees that day. But the view was worth it !    See more of my work here:

Casual Executive Portrait

I shoot many executive portraits every year. As a corporate photographer they are my top request. Making people look their best is very important to me in my work.
Creatively, an environmental portrait using elements of my clients surroundings is what I hope for. This gentleman has on office in a historical building. The exposed brick inspired me to choose this area for his portrait.
I gelled the brick wall with a gold color to add warmth and lit him with two shoot through umbrellas. The main light was camera right and the fill was camera left high and to the rear a bit. I used Nikon SB-800's all around. Camera was a Nikon D3 equipped with an Nikon 85mm 1.4 shot at f6.3

MegaPixel - Mega Confusion - The Answers

With Nokia introducing a 40 megapixel camera phone here is an article from F Stoppers that
will answer some questions you may have.

Mega answers to Mega Pixels

Behind the Business Headshot

Here is a great article on corporate headshots.
Wheather you are a photographer or someone who is interested in having their
headshot done, this article from SLR Lounge is full of wonderfull info !

The Art of the Business Headtshot

Industrial photo shoot - Machine Tool Plant

Recently I shot for Milacron, a Cincinnati machine tool manufacturer. They held an open house to show off their new machines. I spent two days shooting their people and products.
This is one of their engineers and a machine that produces plastic parts for medical devices. I shot the engineer alone on a white backdrop and combined him with the machine in Photoshop later. The resulting photo was used in print ads.
I used a Nikon D800 with a Nikon 24-85 mm for the machine and a Nikon D3 with Nikon 85mm 1.4 for the portrait of the engineer.

Portrait of a CEO

This is the individual portrait of the CEO from the group below.
He's Bob Steele of KZF Design, an architectural firm in Cincinnati. After I completed the group shot I re-set my main light for the portraits.
In the group shot my key light was a moonlight bounced off the ceiling. I took it down and attached a 3 ft. softbox to it and placed it camera right just to the side of my subject. I added a white reflector to the other side of my subject to bounce some light into his face. Nikon D3 with Nikon 85mm 1.4 @ f 6.3

Corporate photo shoot - Choosing the right spot

When shooting people in their offices often cubicles and narrow hallways make up a lot of what is available but most of the time a conference room or lobby is where I will set up a shoot.

Recently while doing a group shot of three executives I had the use of their newly remodeled lobby which included a wall of LED lighting. The color of the lighting is adjustable from behind the reception desk.

I decided to gel the background a hue of blue and adjusted the LED's in the foreground to a warm hue. My main light was a moonlight raised approx. 10' bounced off the ceiling. I shot with a Nikon D3 and a Nikon 85mm 1.4 @ f 6.3

New gear for location shooting

Recently I picked up a new piece of gear that I really enjoy using !
It's the Paul C. Buff Vagabond Mini.  It's  a lithium rechargable battery pack.
It will power up to 4 monolights !  I find myself using it even when AC jacks are available so that
I can avoid running an extension cord, but it's a real godsend when shooting in remote areas
of an industrial site for instance.  The best part is the low price, only $240 !

Executive candid portrait

I shot some executives today. Always a nice challenge. Real busy folks with little time for photographers. I set up in a conference room and got to work.
For this shot we wanted an candid look, I had one of my subjects friends stand behind me to my left
to enguage him.                  

                                                          click to view larger image

Photoshop focus stacking - SLR Lounge

My friends at SLR Lounge have a great article on using Photoshop to blend focus from near to far.
See it here :

Industrial photo shoot - Trucker

Here is a photo I shot for a company recently , Valicor. They transport industrial waste and recycle it
preventing environmental damage from being done.

I shot the truck driver in a nearby warehouse and combined him with the tanker trucks.

I used Topaz Details to refine the look.