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Casual corporate portraits

A company hired me to shoot portraits of twenty some employees recently.
Usually corporate portraits are the tried and true on a canvas backdrop thing, but this company wanted a casual look and gave me the go ahead to do my thing !

I shot in a common area of their HQ where there was no foot traffic.
I lit my subjects using a 36" soft box at camera right and a silver reflector on the left.
The background lighting consisted of a strobe on the floor with gold gel aimed through a potted plant with the light skimming the wall. I placed another strobe behind my subject with a purple gel striking the hallway wall giving the duo color scheme.

I shot with a Nikon D800 with a Nikon 85mm 1.8 @ 1/125  f/4.5 for very shallow depth of field.

Corporate photo shoots

My corporate photography business is based in Cincinnati, but my clients are from all over the US.
I'm asked to do everything from executive portraits to industrial shoots. I really enjoy the variety of work and the challenge of producing top notch work under a deadline.

Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals photo shoot

I was hired to do a product photo shoot for Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals last week.
This device is used to inject dye into patients undergoing CAT scans.
This is one of a dozen different images I shot for them.

Sedona and Prescott Arizona

These are a few of my favorites from my recent trip to Arizona.

Sedona Arizona red rock by jeep

Last week I was fortunate enough to take a red rock jeep tour in Sedona, Arizona.
Needless to say the area is a photographers paradise !

This is cowboy Mike , our driver and story teller. He has a booming voice that flows over the engine noise.  He had all kinds of stories about Sedona, Arizona, the west, celebrities who live in Sedona, rattlesnakes,and on and on. All of this and the wonderful scenery.

On this trip I shot with a Nikon D800 equipped with a Nikon 24-85 zoom. I also shot with my Fuji X-E2

BTW, Mike is with Safari Jeep Tours in Sedona.

I will be posting more images soon.

Valve manufacturer president

I was booked to shoot the incoming president of a valve manufacturer on short notice recently.
I only had 10 minutes with him shooting this photo as well as a headshot on a backdrop.
I used several employees as stand ins to get the light just right.
He was lit with a single 24" soft box at camera right, I placed a strobe in the background with a orange gel to get the color behind and above him.

Fuji X-E2 - The Banks in Cincinnati

This a a shot I did at the banks riverfront area in Cincinnati.
It's shot with my trusty travel camera , the Fuji X-E2.
This is an installation of riverboat smoke stacks artistically placed on the river bank.
A paddlewheel is suspended above and out of frame, it casts it's shadow below.

Luxottica shoot - part 2

Jonathan and the guys from The Arland Group were here in Cincinnati for another Luxottica shoot recently. Once more I was the producer in charge of lighting the shoot.
This time we focused on the opticians , here is one of them.

Shipping .... Super Size !

I recently did an industrial shoot for a high end packaging company. They specialize in shipping large military articles and equipment. Many of these items are super sized !  Each and every one is shipped in it’s own custom made wooden crate.
Here are a couple of images from the shoot.